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Perfect world stake is bullish on the future business development

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

People in Beijing on July 16 (xinhua Yang Yu polo) a-share listed companies Perfect World Co., ltd. announced on July 15 afternoon, announced that the company intends to buy back shares, repurchase does not exceed the total amount of RMB 1 billion yuan and not less than 500 million yuan; The repurchase price will be combined with the recent stock, highest do not exceed 36 yuan/share, is expected to repurchase shares accounted for the current outstanding the proportion of the total equity of about 1.06% - 1.06%. Announcement, the company business development is good, business performance continues to grow, in order to maintain the interests of investors, enhance the confidence of investors, the company with its financial status and operating conditions, intends to adopt the form of a share buyback, convey the growing confidence and maintain company's share price, the shareholders of a company and improve the return on investment, promote the intrinsic value of the company stock market price to the company's long-term reasonable return. The company's share buyback, proposed by the shenzhen stock exchange...

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