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Japan one night later "and" us "ma will launch mobile game works

2018-07-16 10:58:36Source: Game time

Japan announced that they will launch mobile game version of the nights later, on iOS/Android game, type "subsequent to explore action" class, undetermined sale day. Mobile game edition of the night (originally developed by a Japanese together with Forwardworks, will now be developed by a Japanese themselves and with the letter. This hand tour edition of the night (" will include the night (and a sequel "(in the middle of the night", the content of the games will also be for mobile optimization operation. Although there is no payment method, but according to the "x" price, commodity information can be speculated that this may not be within purchasing system. At the same time, a Japanese version also open hand swim the us ma (tentative) "the PV, this as a Japanese and Forwardworks common development, landing iOS/Android platform. Now hand swim the us ma (tentative) "have been confirmed as the basic free play, the game contains the purchase form, sale...

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