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Love to play games are not necessarily "game addiction" parents never nervous

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Game addiction has been the world health organization on mental illness. During the summer vacation, holding a mobile phone thugs swimming, at the computer alliance of students is not rare. From psychological doctor's office, according to data from each to the end of the summer vacation, will usher in a psychological consulting room students consulting peak, a lot of these students are crazy playing games during the holiday, starts to occur when unable to concentrate, influence social problems. Psychological doctor reminds, summer vacation time is relatively long, on the one hand, parents should not equate to play the game with "bad habits", often blocked, nervous, intensifying parent-child relationship deteriorated; For primary and middle school students, on the other hand, such as self-control has not yet fully mature community, parents play a role of guiding responsibility. Playing games, never leave home Suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder Psychological association of guangdong province, deputy director of professional committee members, clinical psychological division of doctor of vice director of guangdong san-jiu brain hospital r is introduced, in the case of the various psychological addiction, because of game addiction walk...

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