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Registered so much APP you logout success?

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Registered so much APP, you logout success? Earlier this year, the ministry of industry and information technology have response, on some APP account cancellation difficult problem for telecommunication business operators, Internet information service provider the user end after the use of the service, stop to the users' personal information collection and use, and to provide users with the cancellation number or account services. Recently, CCTV reporter in the survey found that there are still some APP does not provide a cancellation of service, even to provide the service, process is more complicated. Some users in order to be able to cancel the account, do not hesitate to intentionally violations, and even pay cancellation. Log out behind the hard, what are the "calculation" enterprise? The user's "right to be forgotten" and how to guarantee? Network loan APP refused to user cancelled account Blatant violations college students XiaoTan recently met a trouble thing. He looked in the professional training is not cheap, not enough savings, and reluctant to ask parents, then download and registration...

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