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The Internet market to be towards "high quality" development

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Recently, in 2018 China Internet conference closing on the BBS, Internet society of China formally issued "China Internet development report 2018. The report through the detailed and objective analysis of data on 2017 Internet infrastructure, cloud computing and big data such as lateral detailed discusses development environment, also for the development of China's Internet industry system carding and prospective trend. 772 million Internet users, 720 million people, 640 million people use search using an instant messenger service, use the number of network video, music, Internet shopping is more than 500 million people. The function of the network more and more, the number of Internet also more diversified, weeks to get to the Internet time reached 27 hours per capita, it also has nearly four hours a day. This is welcome. After all, the Internet only to play in the widely use of great value, also in order to promote the development of network strategy to establish the necessary environment...

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