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King glory sun from July Li Yuanfang with new skin

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

King glory has entered the stage of summer festival, also launched related activities within a formal suit, but it is the most anticipated two summer skin. In the near future, the two summer skin formally by the officer, sun from Li Yuanfang, hand in hand in the same period with series of new skin. Sun from the new skin is still has a pair of charming rabbit ears, the facial features look still is big beauty of the valley. Li Yuanfang new skin particularly lovely, a pair of sunglasses, hung on the extra hands clasped spray gun. The two skin model has also been officer xuan, the sun from the small skirt, walked with a sunshade Li Yuanfang, holding a Popsicle, suddenly felt relaxed many. The sun from the epic has a label on the bust, so this epic quality rating of the skin, sun is expected to price 888 point, while Li Yuanfang estimation is also an epic skin, the skin prices are likely to remain consistent. King glory two summer skin has been officer xuan, so online time is...

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