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"E-sports" projection system into several cinemas in Shanghai

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Recently, reporters learned from Shanghai released movie industry association, support esports event a new projection system has entered Shanghai several studios and film screenings. It is reported, Shanghai film group huadian studios recently completed the overall upgrade. Upgraded for huadian studios launched 11 locations 1477 seats, in addition to the IMAX, 4 dx projection system, also introduced the electronic competitive business such as, officially launched Onyx cinemas. It is understood that this kind of new film projection system both the function of e-sports, a new system to replace the screen screen, daily show movies, also can be instantly switch function, support people seem tournament. E-sports project, in the open test including role-playing analog World Cup tournament. E-sports event in movie theaters, more professional player said that due to the small screen distortion degree, simulated well proportioned, bring the contestants more realistic experience. Now...

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