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E-sports: new economic growth momentum

2018-07-16 00:00:00Source: People's Daily online

Director of the institute of the Chinese market, a professor of economics at keen "e-sports as a new direct consumption is an important manifestation of kinetic energy, more important is e-sports has become a new type of employment channels. "According to the 2018 e-sports industry report (event)", 2017, our country the related electrical contests, hot tournament for more than 500 items. And on the basis of more than 77 billion yuan last year, domestic e-sports industry will exceed 88 billion yuan this year. In addition, over the past three years the e-sports user growth rate remains above 20%, the user scale is expected to reach 430 million people this year. Huge user traffic with large business volume and China as the world's biggest e-sports behind market generated, reflecting a full industrial chain with strong adhesive. Upstream of the game of IP (intellectual property) is the most profitable part of the whole industrial chain, mainly including game developers...

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