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Gran turismo Sport players break through 5 million

2018-07-15 11:35:55Source: Game time

Due to heavy athletics, gran turismo Sport, the evaluation of polarization between the gamers, but it still has been a big success in business. Gran turismo Sport "producer in the mountain a Canon recently announced on twitter, of the total number of players already broke through 5 million. Although it is far from the PS3 gran turismo 5 of 10 million sales volume there is a big gap, but in the gran turismo Sport ", on the foundation design work creates a lot of change, 5 million the number of players is still a gratifying achievements, at the same time, this change means that within the mountain think gran turismo "is, there are a lot of room for improvement. Therefore, in the gran turismo Sport "series of subsequent updates and future work, we have reason to expect yamauchi brought us great racing experience. In addition, gran turismo Sport "in March this year, also updated the VR meter...

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