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New announcement of "lucky few": escape from the "happy world"

2018-07-14 13:16:34Source: Game time

Compulsion Games released a new trailer for the "lucky few" today, introducing us three leading roles in the game, Arthur, Sally, Ollie, and showing the whole world and part of the real game. In the "lucky few", the player will play an ordinary British citizen, Arthur, who tries to escape Willington, and in the meantime meets with Sally, a chemist who is good at using poison, and "crazy Scotsman" Ollie. In the trailer, we can see the skill tree, the weapon making and the branch task system composed of survival, submission and fighting, which will be the key to the player's survival. The lucky few will be available for sale in August 10th, corresponding to PS4/Xbox One/PC, supporting Chinese. More Trailer screenshots: via GameInformer

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