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World of warcraft 8.0 "starcraft" azeroth PVP large change details

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World of warcraft 8.0
World of warcraft expansion pack "supremacy of azeroth" will be launched in August, in addition to the new level task instance, the new version will also bring a new PVP and PVE content -- island expedition mechanism. In addition, will also have significant changes to PVP, including modification of talent, new patterns of war, a bounty hunter, together and see it! PVP talents system Blizzard new Blog pointed out in this week, the new talent system encourages players to customize, and prevent premature players involved in PVP and crushed. The return of the bianconeri players in order to gain the honor level to PVP, blizzard said do PVP players is very adverse to the novice. So in the "hegemony" of azeroth, with the higher level, PVP point talent is very easy to get. When the players up to level 20, will get a special group of talent, to the class of 110 will unlock all talents. PVP talents with more flexible. In the army...
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