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Strasbourg "white album 2" shirt, what is behind the story?

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Strasbourg, this is a city located in the franco-german border, no too many people in China and know its name. Everyone is more have some knowledge of it in Alsace, know it the french-german strive for as many hands, is also a "last lecture" the scene of the story. In this less than in the city of 300000 people, there is a football Club was founded in 1906, is called a Racing Club DE Strasbourg touched Alsace, people usually use and city of the same name "Strasbourg" to call it. Certain fans will know Strasbourg team had won the championship in 1979, and at that time there was a mediocre midfielder in the team, his name is arsene wenger. Fans again enthusiasm, also can't change the Strasbourg itself is a small club in domestic, however only ligue 1 old fan club and arsene wenger supporters know Strasbourg case in the past...
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