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Within 30 minutes, Square Enix conference said what?

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Within 30 minutes, Square Enix conference said what?
Square Enix conference was very short, only 30 minutes will be over, but such as tomb raider shadow "dearly beloved 3" justifiable defense 4 etc published or released new game trailer, the following is the focus of the conference information, you can click on the independent press check for details. Tomb raider video the original address Shadow is opening an airplane crash, according to official and this is the opening part of the game, Laura elder sister's appearance always so exciting. From the trailer, main system and after the game a huge difference, but there will be some improvement and strengthening. One of the main concept is integrated with the forest, you can see Laura interact to make full use of the environment interference and kill people. Larger maps, of course, more ancient tomb and so on these is also essential. The game will be released on September 14, 2018. The final fantasy 14 new expansion pack of final fantasy 14 new expansion...
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