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Background of wolf story

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Background of wolf story
From Software announced the new work "wolf" at the E3 2018 Microsoft conference today, announcing that the work will be landed on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms in early 2019. This work will include official Chinese. This book takes the late Japanese Warring States period as the stage. The place where the story takes place is called "Reed name". The name of "Jian Sheng" reigned through one generation and captured the nation in the north. Now the "Reed name" has come to the fall of the crisis. The grandson of a reed named worried about the status quo, and confided to his own hands: now, it is no longer possible to use ordinary means to protect the reed name from the enemy. It's the time that the prince is in need. So the emperor was imprisoned. He is a prince. He has always been alone. He has neither friends nor family ministers. Only a ninja is accompanying him. This Ninja is the protagonist - the man called "the wolf". According to From...
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