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You need to know several details "FIFA 19"

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You need to know several details
The FIFA 19 EA Play in early this morning conference officially announced, then EA in the game's official website announced more details about the "FIFA" book. Champions league new features in the champions league, as in the world of football, the club level the highest level of competition to join in "FIFA 19" finally. The FIFA 19, the champions league related content will be corresponding PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch section, concrete manifestation in: s in addition to the champions league, Europa league (Europa league) and European super cup will also join the game. S new mode of the champions league, this pattern is similar to other tournament mode, can be customized for the team (a broken plant fans expressed relief). S in addition to the champions league mode, the champions league will also be able to reflect the depth of the fusion in a friendly, career mode, UT (the ultimate team) mode and story mode "football journey". S game in the champions league...
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