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Paintings of affection "new" the imperial sword "summer version opens today

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Paintings of affection
She came from the picture, with a charm, fundus and with a little naive, can't wait to hand and your arm in together. "New" the imperial sword "huai XianXia world today in early summer the new version, new factions" of love "will be in great offensive and defensive moves, led the imperial fan in the new map" fairy environment "the mysteries of the inch. At the same time, the fairy domain is dial string sound of war, and celebrities all gold statue on the ownership of the temple will be gradually to unravel. New career "of" a jade "new" the imperial sword "huai XianXia world one party from the miao people of painting and calligraphy, between heaven and earth is not only good at the mystery in painting, more will be in the battle into a sophisticated style of painting and calligraphy, let the enemy to sit up and take notice. If the world what is valuable, mostly is the sincerity of touched by god, legend there was a scholar, in love with his woman in the picture, day after day holding the kakemono details, another book of life on the line, the woman was found out of your painting and save...
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