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"Asked" welfare opening three activity may play the carnival

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Online game "asked" welfare carnival, provided by the thousands of welfare, the three major activities play in May. In addition, in the second quarter cross-server challenge hot war, multiple activities blockbuster hits, more welfare waiting. "Asked" zhongzhou welfare carnival, ten order for wind erosion, send gift, "melting elixir" activity going on. During the activity, all the server level 40 or higher level players can be elixir smelting, melting elixir, often can be melting time, can also be a batch melting or 50 times ten times. Each smelting an elixir must acquire random numerical reward practices and experience, there are chances for yuan ling, phase 5 of jewelry, ten order beidou tianpeng double-barrelled gun awards, etc. In addition also can have the opportunity to obtain s spirit disaster, yuan ling Monkey King, huge amounts of silver treasure, attunements feather finish good, god beast + 80 level of phase 3 jewelry, six order mount, a level 80 phase 4 jewelry, mall props such as reward. If it is worth mentioning that the current live...
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