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"Angel era" new mount 5.15 burning down

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Era of angels, a new mount "undead firebird" god beast to new mount "undead firebird" strikes as his god beast "angel era" ninth mounts, undead firebird is also currently the game one of the most powerful god beast mounts. Undead firebird had followed destroying angels fighting inferno, destroying angels gives it the power of the flame. Its unique bath fire ability, let the warrior riding when flying with extremely high speed, at the same time also can promote health and attack of the warriors properties, let the power of the mighty men get promoted! Era of angels, the undead firebird ride the BOSS magic matrix national treasure win a huge reward legend, "angel era" only occasionally open the "magic" matrix of have vast amounts of things, and kept the charge of these things is god beast mount "undead firebird". Firebird warriors want in life, you need to stand the test of it, in the "magic matrix" to participate in the activities of treasure, treasure every time...
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