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"Eat machine" guide! "Fighting the sky" first-person perspective is online

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"Fighting the sky" "jet revolution: ace jedi" version of the new entertainment play - deathmatch mode already landed game, believe that there has been a lot of players to experience the jedi deathmatch, play of stimulation. Today again for each player deathmatch mode detailed introduction to play, and first revealed a long-awaited play - the first person perspective of the game! The first person + deathmatch mode? Think about all! Jedi deathmatch, stimulate the "machine" new entertainment game play deathmatch mode, players will only individual soldiers, with seven other players driving fighter waging fierce fight chasing around the sea islands, with a varied topography and location to avoid enemy fire. In order to be able to let players show more skills at the same time, increase the gameplay, game map will have a lot of bonus items, these items or suspended in the sky above, or exists between rocks, players must driving fighter touch props will obtain the corresponding bonus props, including...
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