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VGJ GESC champion won $300000 in bonuses

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VGJ GESC champion won $300000 in bonuses
On May 12, 2018, "DOTA2 TI8 eve finally a Minor official game GESC round ended in Thailand. The NBA finals for the BO3 format, 18:30 PM in Beijing time, eventually VGJ 'S overcome KG team, team 2-0 with excellent grades of GESC champion. VGJ. S in Thailand GESC win the championship game The GESC game as a 2017-2018 season, the last level of a Minor event on May 9 to 12, held in Bangkok, Thailand, a total of 8 teams will participate in the competition for a $300000 bonus points of GESC TI8 season and 300 points. VGJ. The game's team play a stable, has achieved excellent results in the knockout stages and the semi-finals, finally won the championship in the NBA finals, winning 300000 dollars and 300 cent TI8 season...
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