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To meet the new world of adventure "hope legend" android open test today

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To meet the new world of adventure
The future with you, looking forward to! New world adventure mobile game "hope legend" open android version test today. This is a magical world full of imagination, fighting is no longer the only fun games, infinite adventure the world is waiting for you to explore. There is "the most ferocious" in the history of pet, a word not pull the master friction on the ground; Here has a mystical treasures left by ancient prophet, take a picture to find it can open the ruins; Here are whimsy wulitou open task, how to do really need some good active brains; Set sail here is full of fascinating sea dream, what will become king of a new generation of navigation; Walking with a friend when he was tired, beach photos together POSE as a souvenir. Boring time invited several community, friends, they swing dance contest. PK is not the eternal purpose, adventure and exploration is our forever pursuit. New world of adventure set out to explore the new world is full of challenges Funny on pet changed imagination...
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