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New Chicken Eating Posture

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New Chicken Eating Posture
NetEase tactical competitive gunfight hand tour "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" "special training assembly" version was formally launched in April 18th, six new contents will be unveiled soon. "Terminator 2" six new ways of playing online: "special training assembly", the opening of the fierce battle! To eat chicken from a change of perspective, the degree of stimulation soared in previous versions. "Terminator 2: trial day" uses the third person shoulder perspective to provide a broader vision and a smooth battle experience for the players, but this perspective is still not strong enough for some players who are pursuing extreme stimulation and reality. And the first person point of view is for you! When the first person view is more true to the new version, the player can switch in the first and third person perspective in real time. In the first person view, the player's view will be exactly the same as the role.
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