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This week game: choose "hardcore" god of war or "hard box" play?

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This week game: choose
In late April 2018 is about to enter stage, SONY and nintendo choice with different types of works on the same day bombing to host the game market. Earnings or we these players, of course, can play to have a revolutionary change "the god of war", also hands-on experience with their family and friends new Switch, can saying is very rich. The zone troopers XENO zone troopers XENO is well-known RPG series "zone troopers, one of the works of the whole series will debut in the PlayStation platform. The story happened in the 209 x "crash" mud (ニ ッ ポ ン) countries, all over the world continue to desertification, ruins, was dominated by mechanical forces of mystery, humans fell into a major crisis. Master publicly called "red avengers R - Wolf" the chariot, galloping on this barren land... Then again, because of the field Non woven...
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