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Hereafter good-bye "tara rhea: the afterlife" end development

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Hereafter good-bye
Tara rhea, the developer and publisher of Re - Logic Games recently announced a regretful news: "tara rhea" sequel "tara rhea: the afterlife" has already been canceled. A statement on its official BBS, Re - Logic admitted that although some progress has been made, the game development still lags behind that of the team, but also not reached the degree of achieving their goals: "our team have a clear vision for the game, but even if put in the effort, the current state of the game still lags far behind our target, and also to share with you our planning is a far cry from 3 years ago." "At this time, the game definitely made progress, but, unfortunately, our game and its intended design for the state of very comprehensive review, the result shows that it and the distance from the finish line far more than we'd imagined,". & have spent Re - Logic says, if you want to complete the rest of the development...
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