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New book? Capcom registered the "ghosts" trademark in various countries

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New book? Capcom registered the
Capcom has recently registered a number of trademarks of ghosts, including Mexico, Canada, Philippines, Australia and the European Union's intellectual property office. The business of a trademark includes video games (entities and numbers), mobile games, and social products (such as music or goods). The trademark registration in early April, and does not contain the subtitle and numbers. So we are not sure whether Capcom is preparing for the new game, or just updating the brand. The Ghost Warrior series is a famous action game of Capcom. It has not released the new version of the host version for a long time. The latest work is the new Ghost Warrior of PS2 platform in 2006. The idea of resurrecting the old IP has also been discussed in Capcom. For example, in early 2016, Ono Yoshitoku, a street fighter producer, revealed the revival of ghosts.
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