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Sega will launch a mini MD, 2018 years

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Sega will launch a mini MD, 2018 years
In today's Sega Fes, Sega announced will launch a "mini" MD. This mini host will include many classic games on MD, tentatively listed in 2018 years. More details about "mini" MD will be announced at a later date, now let's look at a few pictures solution zongzi. Mega Drive (MD) is a Sega in 1988 launched a 16 - bit game consoles, and in the United States launched the following year, the American machine called "Sega Genesis". On the MD has produced many popular masterpieces, players familiar blue hedgehog "sonic" is on the MD, sonic the hedgehog and "sonic the hedgehog 2" is the most popular game on the platform. The original MD (left) and MD2 (right) pattern to see from the photos, the design of the mini MD almost retained the original M...
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