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Your custom title "mang drought ji 2018" fairy road full disclosure

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Your custom title
Passion in April spring breeze, the headstrong wild world war! Authorized by the I eat tomatoes exclusive XianXia mobile game masterpiece "mang drought ji 2018" will be in recently blockbuster "fairy statue of VIP exclusive activities on! Fairy VIP is a kind of call, is also a kind of identity, is one of the game official feedback to enthusiastic players awards and rewards, just prepaid phone a few silver piece, can in fairy Buddha! Super artifact gold available, along with a variety of welfare and help you to destroy the enemy coach, walk the line! Now, and I to go to the mysterious fairy ~ so-called step on the road and fast, fast, step by step in challenging the headstrong drought continent, fairy statue of VIP will definitely let you win at the starting line. Xian chun is the VIP will be divided into three levels, the first is the fairy statue of level 1 card, also known as the month after successful open membership, player's strange experience can be gained thirty percent! Upgrade faster! At the same time won the award for the "level and" exclusive, fighting helicopter 1400! In addition also has unlimited use...
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