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Lightning fish first Chinese handset game "no man will be online

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Lightning fish first Chinese handset game
Domestic research and development of independent games and distributors of lightning fish Boltfish after 29 days, if can go home earlier and the green lotus after another since the research of XinYou will be launched in the first half of 2018 the iOS version. This called "no man XinYou is the first Chinese wind mobile game, the story is about a warrior have to leave in make their way to save a little girl who were murdered, so a series of stories. Game by a growing and reflect the reality of the river's lake chivalrous man who in the pursuit of the dream story originally, exquisite pictures and ink wind show the artistic style of Chinese traditional cultural value, everyone in the game there will be what kind of feeling could be different. From information released at this stage, no man is the game play is simple, the player needs to determine the enemy's moves in the game, and rapid response to block the way to make a defense, there are several types of the enemy, phase...
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