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Wuhan is a popular college offers network game class

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Wuhan is a popular college offers network game class
The graph is Liu Yan lesson on to students online game king glory, travel frogs, eat chicken game... With the development of the Internet era, electronic games has been penetrating into People's Daily life. Recently, the wuhan institute opened a door about network game curriculum concept design of the game, by the university college of art and design Liu Yan young female teachers lecture, and she also swim with 16 years of age old player. From the perspective of professional parse what kind of game fun, just given keywords designed a game... This class, let the students shouted "enough". The 31-year-old Liu Yan swim for 16 years of age, is a senior game enthusiasts. She recalls, secretly followed the cousin to play video games since elementary school, later known as the king of fighters 80, super Mario, contra games, she again and again patience. "May parents instinctively think girls don't play computer games, so I never get caught." At that time, she was very like copying comic books...
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