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The most cruel mission in the world of warcraft

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The most cruel mission in the world of warcraft
Number of tasks of world of warcraft is hard to count. Among thousands of azeroth task, we play is not always glamorous hero. Foot men are often used, sometimes ask yourself at the end of the mission: I am the evil one? Of course this is just a game. After all, when we travel around the world to do tasks, in almost every area for eliminating a certain tribe or hostile village. But some tasks regardless of position, simply from the perspective of morally wrong and be remembered. Will be listed here are often cruel people mentioned five tasks. Do the right thing Arrogance reckoning, old many parts of the world has changed in the world of warcraft. Previously war-ravaged hillsbrad foothills region is now almost completely under the control of the tribes, tribal is introduced all kinds of projects. Previous tarun mill now became crazy undead across several farm experiment proving ground. ...
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