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"The devil watch 4" officially confirmed the Switch platform

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According to steal run. The growing popularity of Level - 5 series "devil watch" latest monster watch 4 will officially confirmed on the Switch! Monsters "watch" is developed by LEVEL - 5 game series, tells the hero in the summer vacation in order to gather insects make specimens and into the woods, and got under the accidental opportunity after can go to the devil's "the devil watch" world of adventure stories. Series originally sold in July 2013, has launched a number of works, very popular in Japan. At the same time game cartoon, animation and film, also was deeply loved by Japanese elementary school pupils, has become one of the most popular series. The devil watch 4 is series debut in the new host platform, it will be how to use the new characteristics of the Switch also anticipated. New details need to be further reports. Source: gamestalk
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