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Infringement of trouble "ma small jump" was "Beijing XinGe elite company claims more than 1500

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Infringement of trouble
, according to the haidian court network that the anhui children press, times publishing media co., LTD., Beijing zhongguancun book building co., LTD., without the permission of publishing, distribution and sales of trouble "ma small jump (cartoon upgrade version)" series of books, Beijing XinGe elite culture development co., LTD., citing the ownership, copyright infringement will be three appealed to the court, the defendant to stop the infringing reasonable expenses, compensation for economic loss of 15.048577 million and 115000, a total of 15.163577 million. A few days ago, haidian court accepted the case. The plaintiff XinGe elite company said, a lot of trouble as ma small jump series of comics series by its according to the same story book "jiashuyuan package ma small jump" and its enjoy copyright created jiashuyuan package ma small jump comic characters, its enjoy copyright in accordance with the law. A lot of trouble with the children's publishing house has published in anhui ma small jump comic series signed the book publishing contract...
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