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AMD with ASUS pour create "e-sports" core youth to go dormitory

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AMD with ASUS pour create
On March 31, 2018, by AMD and ASUS pour of e-sports "core" youth to go dormitory finals in nanjing industry professional technology institute started burning. Tournament competition from online audition to offline, a total of 18 days, eventually to nanjing, xian, chengdu, jinan, shijiazhuang 5 cities 30 schools students brought a unique e-sports feast. Youth is ongoing, will fight well, those who have boiling in the body, but gradually the cooling of the heroes of faith are all here, in the ROG e-sports game players country S7ZC notebook "eight nuclear god sharp unstoppable" slogans calling, is to wake up. Side have a brother, this is the youth is a starting point how many take-out, endured together how much damage. E-sports "core" youth to go dormitory provides players with excellent platform can enhance friendship with roommates, and friends. Was focused on the tacit understanding coordination, until the team to win the final victory, cannot leave the team...
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