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Jiangsu unicom cup "the first" JEST esports tournament officially open

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Jiangsu unicom cup
Directed by sports federation of jiangsu province, jiangsu province, the electronic athletic association and jointly organized by China unicom jiangsu branch, under the strategic support of tencent e-sports, by nanjing aloha culture media co., LTD., to undertake mobile electronic athletic competition, will bring together e-sports players of 13 cities in jiangsu province, gathered together, in the city, will cover to municipalities in the province. Through the packaging concept of "do their own king" spread stories, promote engagement. Offline extend carnival model, model of universal, affinity, the most formal offline mobile tournament. Format, jiangsu unicom "cup" the first JEST e-sport championship team against adopted mode and participants in the form of team to sign up, each team five people, including one captain and four players. From today until the end of April 25 journal name, then will begin to fierce online around the city. Online game around the city won 16 entries...
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