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"Journey 2" mobile game download open today Are you ready?

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"Journey 2 at 11:00 am on April 12, tour formal hand full online platform, pour to make official licensed by the giant network" journey 2 hand swim, with all the players to have 12 years journey feast! Today, officials have been open to all players of the game download function, immediately to the official website to download and install the game. In addition, the "journey 2" mobile game is now officially on the App Store App Store, apple mobile phone users to search and obtain. 3 million frequents the player has been assembled, today's official website will close the booking channel. After the game is launched, all players available booking exclusive gift bag, containing out-of-print mounts and fashion. Involved in all previous test players available top-up rebate, and custom title trumpet. Open service and open after served carnival games, providing multiple hao li, also at etc. What, will quickly download! Focus frequents 12 years frequents comprehensive upgrade "journey 2" mobile game creator...
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