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Luo Shen came to "millet super God" Zhen Ji's new skin online today.

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Luo Shen came to
Zhen Ji, in general terms, refers to the queen of Wen Zhao Zhen, who is known as Zhen MI. In some viewpoints, the "Luo Shen" in Cao Zhi's "Luo Shen Fu" refers to Zhen Ji. It is the best interpretation of the image of Luo, which is a long and beautiful sentence. In most of the games related to the Three Kingdoms, there is Zhen Ji's image, and generally appears as a beautiful woman. "Millet super God" is a 5v5 fair competition hand tour which is developed by the millet mutual entertainment and the finch network. In this game, all players can experience the more pure end tour MOBA combat experience, fog inserting eyes, knives messenger and other classic settings, can bring all the fun of the game home more strategic. In this game, the role of Zhen Ji is reproduced. Zhen Ji in "millet supergod" is a powerful wizard who can show up to fly. Today, this hero ushered in the first game of leather.
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