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The ceremony boao BBS for six years The anchor

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The ceremony boao BBS for six years The anchor
A few days ago, boao Asia BBS annual conference 2018 was being conducted in hainan. We have learned, among numerous theatrical performances staff, to have such a erhu performer, she is also a Momo anchors, this is her sixth year in a row in a production of boao BBS. The girl named "rest Cc", is a talent anchor Momo platform, the number of her fans more than 140000, according to official data registration time for December 2014. Not only has the anchor online popularity, offline is realy, footprints all over the world, has been committed to spread the art of the Chinese nation. Online data shows, rest Cc in Los Angeles, Los Angeles mayor purposely came backstage photos with her. Recently, guangdong TV and shanxi TV jointly created to carry forward the Chinese classical art for the purpose of "Chinese music ceremony" on TV, rest Cc invited to participate in, and got the audience...
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