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The sea era What should we talk about

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The sea era What should we talk about
- AdTiming liquid product launch content sharing According to the 2017 China mobile applications to sea report shows that China's App at sea is the trend of The Times, in developing countries and developed countries are doing well. The most likely to be popular with the overseas market and successful App type, mainly tools and photography class. With the increase of Chinese App to sea quantity and category, China's sea is speed up. Mobile developers, the time in the sea is how to layout? In the smart mobile marketing platform AdTiming liquid products conference, product VP yun-peng zhang and wang wei, general manager of China, chengdu from AppsFlyer fruit Hu Yuning realized commercialization of science and technology director, Blued Zhang Yanxin director of business strategy, operation director liu Instanza products and App Annie, head of greater China Dai Bin analysis of the current situation of the global mobile market together...
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