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Kingdom era new theme song: "pirates of the Caribbean" music

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Kingdom era new theme song:
Policies for the war of the world's most popular hand swim "kingdom era", formally exposure new theme song & amp; BGM "decisive battle prelude", the song by the Hollywood soundtrack master Claude bader, building, it is a well-known Hollywood movie "pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the black pearl" soundtrack master! The melody rang, let person becomes the Caribbean's epic soundtrack "He's a pirate", is the cloud master hand! New theme song for the highlights of the game, the official to do this with the first introduced a new comic book, by introducing the kingdom era "super hero" voice of the sea "and pirate hero plane wally", games, take charge of hero "vow knight" love/hate, buried under the master guide was a Hollywood movie of "eggs", the player quiz. Cartoon once released, will play in the world's 120 million "the kingdom era" home cause the enthusiasm of the explosive feedback -- in the Caribbean...
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