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New three board "play" two yuan aiming at game area

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The two dimension economy has become a hot spot in the recent market. In the new three board market, many enterprises are involved in the two dimensional field and formed a distinctive business model. Data show that more than 200 new third board companies cover the animation / animation business, the secondary meta-economy has become an important driving force for these companies to grow performance. The secondary meta-meaning of service around IP is "two-dimensional", which is extended to the role of animation, games and other works presented on paper or screen. The two dimension industry takes IP as the core and involves many fields. The business scope of the new third board companies, such as King Kong Game, Daqian Sunshine, Hua Qiang Fang Te, Yi Tong Culture and Education, covers the field of animation/animation. Take dance animation as an example, the company's independent IP products include Taiyi Immortal Magic Record, Star Artillery Corps, Fantasy Beauty and Rabbit Rabbit. The company incubated, produced and operated the original IP project. Thousands of sunshine shares companies leather skin mutual entertainment.
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