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Illegal online games will be the key regulation

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To promote "net net 2018" and "nursing seedlings 2018" "autumn wind 2018" special operation such as thorough development, the national "against pornography and illegal publications" office recently made a special deployment, ordered local departments until November this year, around the harmful crack down on illegal publishing activities, pornographic and vulgar information, news "SanJia" and pounce on piracy and other key tasks, continue to purify the social cultural environment. Stressed that China "against pornography and illegal publications" office "net net 2018" will focus on five areas of rectification of problems: a crackdown on using the cloud disk, an APP stores spread harmful information, timely related harmful information, pornographic and vulgar information; To investigate and punish the illegal live online platform, timely to ban live underground network platform, strictly strike spread bawdy pornography information platform and the illegal broadcast aggregation software; Specification on illegal online games, resolutely shelves without the approval of on-line operation...
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