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The nintendo Labo "workshop mode" new gameplay: start a band

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The nintendo Labo
Nintendo today updated in its official YouTube channel "nintendo Labo" Toy - Con workshop model "of the third play video -" instruments ". Players in the workshop mode, the use of feature-rich custom edit component can simulate the guitar playing simple panel, along with six rubber band, Joy - Con and cardboard can make a own guitar. Can also give Joy - Con buttons and rocker design different chords effects, even with the body feeling control the frequency of the sound, feeling just like real guitar! With drums and the piano, and your friends together to form their own band! Video address the nintendo Labo more style and function is also available for players to invent, simple and interesting. The nintendo Labo will go on sale on April 20 this year, the detailed information about the version and the content, you can click here to review.
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