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Combining the "peripheral brand the pirate ship (with iG team formally signed

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Combining the
On April 3, "the world's leading computer peripherals and accessories brand the pirate ship (with iG team announced formally signed, common depth cooperation, introduces the pirate ship (whole series of peripheral products, domestic game experience ascension e-sports enthusiasts. The pirate ship (the focus of the whole series of peripheral products is the signing ceremony, the pirate ship (as the world's leading brand "peripherals, also issued a series of" wireless gaming peripherals, full series of products such as wireless mouse, K63 wireless keyboard, wireless charging function, the Dark Core RGB SE gaming mouse also stunning appearance on the signing ceremony. It is worth mentioning that the pirate ship machinery (game keyboard in the media more than domestic award-winning. This represents the pirate ship (not only by game players in the game industry, its product design and stable performance also received the recognition from the technology industry. The pirate ship (the selection...
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