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If "nintendo Labo" join "nintendo star ported" will be what kind of?

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Bring the Switch new gameplay pulp molded peripherals "Nintendo Labo" will go on sale on April 20, the creative peripherals quickly inspired the player's interest at home and abroad. Recently there is a pipeline main is big imagination, imagine the cardboard figures LaboMan join the nintendo star ported scenario, and created the attack animation for it. Official propaganda video in the Labo SIMS the sowing Lord named Javed l. Sterritt, from Australia, he envisions LaboMan is a velocity type character, can shake Joy - Con fly around the enemy, and also can become Labo piano and housing crash. If released on the basis of this combined with nintendo games such as fishing, motorcycle, robot, LaboMan easily with a ported role should have all kinds of attack moves, it may add...
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