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"Rotten country 2" will not include micro elements

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Decay country 2 developers Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain to IGN recently confirmed that landed on May 22, the Xbox zombie survival game from the end of the One/Win10 platform "decay country 2" content will not contain any micro transactions. 2 "rot in the country after the sale, the development team will be launched for the DLC to further expand the game content. Ordinary version of the game is priced at $30 and the ultimate containing all of the DLC sells for $50, purchase in advance before the release of players can get an exclusive items. "Rot country 2" will join in (the) day of issue Xbox Game Pass service, subscribe to the service of the player can play to this free of charge. If you told the decaying country 2, interested in this zombie game, take a look at the following four cooperation demonstration video source: oh ~ IGN
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