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OPPO game platform changed hands swim "her economy"

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OPPO game platform changed hands swim
From life, leisure, entertainment consumption, from offline to online, female users from all walks of life has always been for the core consumer groups. As the love and the producer, the travel frogs have burst fire, female hand play home group proportional rise, promote the industry to female the size of the gaming industry expectations, prompting a large number of game makers to enhance investment in to mobile game against women. Capture the female players, become a new round of tuyere hand tour market. Among them, the OPPO gaming platform to become outstanding person. At present, the OPPO global young users more than 200 million, among them, more than 90% of young people are under the age of 35. With the characteristics of high consumption, high viscosity. Insight into the female to the game market hot, OPPO gaming platform layout in advance, not only in the love and the producer during starting is made android new revenue for the first good result all channels. More users with more rich content to the female, seize the women's game users, so as to break through the bottle...
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