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Sword play by "sun" bald as hot eyes Staying up late to record Dan king

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Sword play by
Talented person is not terrible, the most terrible is superman genius is more hard than you. Tentacles streaming "king glory" sentiment sword play host, is then a very discipline and hard work, a live world "desperately saburo". Every season, at the end of the season at the beginning of the season is the busiest time of the sword play, fans through the friends of the king's glory, or king glory assistant, you can see good under the sword play, still trying to Dan on, sometimes the sword play midnight will make their circle of friends is finally complete. If every season double hundred star king, every season to win the first li bai's title, this is a sign of strength, as a technical anchors, sword play won't leave it any glory. So seasons, can rest for a period of time? Dan, of course, it's not that simple, need not rush season, sword play also busy writing. "I only violet sword play", "phoenix for the burn these...
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