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Kyushu glory review: restore your initial feelings

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Kyushu glory review: restore your initial feelings
By middle treasure for 2 years, cost cost 50 million to build and seas of ancient mythology mobile game "kyushu glory" has started on March 7, 2018. This mobile game is developed by famous end come producer yellow man to produce, in the famous team members of the giant studios, and seas to mainland Chinese ancient ghost war as the background of "kyushu glory" was born, as relatively few myths MMO mobile game filled with a color again! Small make up also had the opportunity to participate in the closed several times, the open beta we take a look at the kyushu glory. "Kyushu glory" game design inspiration comes from the mythological and seas type, many types such as the hot end swim nearly 13 years ago China series, TV series and immortals adopted this theme. Above GuHuaXia mythology as the theme of "kyushu glory" the picture really than of our flagship products end game is more exquisite and delicate, compared to before the end of swimming, operation is also more concise; Fighting mode without any deficiency jerry...
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