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Gold game "my lovely daughter" Dark wind novelty seeking to develop

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Gold game
Issued by the Game Changer Studio development, Another Indie is like the darkness of the wind strategy to develop games "my lovely daughter" is now officially on Steam platform. Game for 48 yuan, now has preferential only $43. The game tells of a sad father, the late daughter deep love. The whole story in "the journey of life can't be perfect, but the family and love and to let a person not to life" as the theme, leading players on a thought-provoking journey. As an alchemist, Faustus must produce all kinds of dolls and sacrifice, and to gain the soul of the resurrection daughter needed. The entire game in killing and warmth, cruel relations between the protagonist and the dolls, doll was doomed to sacrifice was born. Game is a blend of operation simulation, gold and text adventure game, at the same time in the training and sacrifice doll, players...
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