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Radio "monster hunter world" periodic summary 】 (on)

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VG chatroom is logged in each big FM platform, this program links: netease cloud music (review) | litchi | listen to with stand | | B Himalayan FM | opening end song single OP: new world へ の development (い し ず え) to investigate 拠 point ア ス テ ラ - Monster Hunter  World Special SoundtrackED: star に 駆 ら れ て - Monster Hunter World Special  Soundtrack welcome VG chat rooms, yes, when everybody a happy New Year, we chat room business as usual. During the Chinese New Year, we prepared two special programs for everyone: "monster hunter world" periodic summary, to have the old hunter also have new players, we're maybe is to your liking, maybe not, no relationship, in the comments section, please leave you want to...
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